December 19, 2014#

Seminar: METU, ‘Graft’



Graduate Program in Restoration at METU invited me for a seminar, 23 years after my graduation. It has always been enlightening and inspiring to be in the beautiful spaces designed by Altuğ and Behruz Çinici. Thank you Güliz Bilgin for inviting me and thanks to all my METU friends and professors.

December 18, 2014#

Lecture: Bilgi University, “Taşı mı yonttun? Geri dur bak. Yontmana şaşma, taşa şaş.”


Açık Üniversite at Bilgi University, Department of Architecture, organized by Emrah Altınok. The title of my talk is a verse from a book of poems by Franco Buskas. The spine of the talk was about waiving (feragat, Tr.) and modesty (tevazu, Tr.) and I presented three works.